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"learn to bake at home"

baking classes and sourdough bread making lessons for home bakers and cooks in Adelaide, South Australia

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What some of our students think:

"Thank you to Matthew for providing such a wonderful learning environment and enjoyable course."

Naomi B. (Sourdough Bread Intro 2019)

"Much was learned! Confidence was built!" 

Deborah A. (Cont. Sourdough Breads 2018)

"Your method of instruction was very thorough and professional."

Maurice K. (Sourdough Bread Intro 2019)

"I’ve always found the idea of bread making, particularly sourdough bread making, intimidating. You made it simple, straightforward and fun."

Megan H. (Sourdough Bread Intro 2018)

"As usual, your instructions make the process easy and the time spent in class was great fun." 

Pat K. (Hot Cross Buns 2016)

"Many thanks for the course - I thought it was excellent." 

Alastair S. (Sourdough Bread Intro 2018)

"Matthew's classes are very informative and a lot of fun." 

Ian B. (Sourdough Bread Intro; Sweet Yeast Breads 2017)

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