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Seedy Sourdough (eBook)
Seedy Sourdough (eBook)
Seedy Sourdough (eBook)
Seedy Sourdough (eBook)
Seedy Sourdough (eBook)

Seedy Sourdough (eBook)

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Seeds offer crunchy textures, wholesome nutrition, exciting visual appeal and add delicious aromas and flavours.

Do you want to include seeds in your home-made sourdough bread but not sure how to start?
Have you tried to incorporate grains but know the results could be better?
Are you searching for a new baking challenge?
Or on the lookout for ideas to enhance and complement the flavour of your loaves?

Seedy Sourdough is written to help you add delicious seeds on and in your bread. Learn easy to replicate professional techniques for amazing results for both sourdough and quick-yeast breads. Including:

- how to make sure seeds stay stuck to the loaf
- how to prevent seeds from burning while baking
- how to incorporate grains into the dough
- how to ensure the seeds do not make the bread dry
- how to use specific seeds and blends, and more!

An array of seeds and grains are ready to be eaten on and in your bread and this book clearly and easily reveals how.

Be guided by teacher and multi-award-winning baker, Matthew Thorpe, as he shares easy and effective methods to add seeds to your bread.

“It is the kind of book that makes you think about things you didn't realise.” (David T.)

“I loved it.” (Amie K.)

“Matthew’s courses are very informative and a lot of fun.” (Ian B.)

Buy this book to start adding a new dimension to your breads now (or tomorrow because the dough needs time to ferment)!