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Do you want to enjoy your own homemade baking?
... we want to help you!

Do you want to enjoy your loved one’s homemade baking?
... we can help with that too!

Established in 2013, we educate, equip and inspire people to bake at home... and have lots of fun in the process!


All classes are expertly taught by founder & multi-award-winning baker, Matthew Thorpe.

Matthew is a lifelong home baker and over decade-long professional baker; he's made batches of bread from one loaf to one thousand loaves.
His working life has been Adelaide-based but baking work experience in several European countries was a major highlight.    

Due to his background he has a unique perspective on home baking: applying a professional approach to baking at home, to achieve bakery-quality products at home.
Baking at home can be enhanced and often simplified using tips, tricks and techniques utilized in commercial kitchens (and often vice versa too!). 

The key focus of our Adelaide cooking classes is ensuring you can replicate the process in your home kitchen. 


If you enjoy lots of details, please see here  for our awards, career highlights, business timeline, and more...