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The bread flours I use

I get asked what flours I use, here they are. A simple guide. For reference, I’m in Adelaide, South Australia.

A golden crusted loaf of sourdough bread

For my wheat-based sourdough breads I use Laucke 'Euro' flour.
This flour is a high protein white [refined] bread flour, specially milled for longer fermentation doughs.

For sourdough and quick yeast breads with wholemeal wheat flour, I use Laucke Wholemeal flour.
This wholemeal flour is a high protein bread flour.

For my quick yeast breads and hot cross buns I use Laucke 'Wallaby' flour.
This flour is a white [refined] bread flour, milled for quick fermented doughs. The protein is slightly lower compared with Laucke Euro.

For rye and spelt breads I enjoy using fresh-milled wholegrain flours and prefer the flavour.
However when they are not available (and for my classes, because many people don’t have a home mill) I use Laucke spelt and Laucke rye flours. Both are available in refined or wholemeal options.

I use whole grains (for milling, sprouting, multigrain blends) from Four Leaf Milling. They are good quality and the most accessible source for whole grains in South Australia. Occasionally we can access grains directly from farmers.


Other ingredients and speciality flours come from a variety of farms, suppliers, and distributors. We stock a small selection.