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Sourdough starter (active!)

Sourdough starter (active!)

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Active sourdough starter expressed shipped* across Australia.
(*Regional/remote areas only dispatched at the start of the week, at our discretion.)

WHAT'S INCLUDED: 10-20grams of active sourdough starter.
For safe and effective shipping we mix the starter to a firm texture and place in a snap lock plastic bag, then a shipping satchel. It will arrive bubbly, sticky, and probably a bit of an acidic aroma and taste. 

WHAT TO DO: when it arrives simply refrigerate or ideally "refresh/feed" with flour and water. 
To minimise confusion with various recipes/methods we only provide the starter and recommend following instructions from a detailed recipe, blog or book.

Our classes include active sourdough starter to take home (they always have!).
If you need help with bread-making or are starting out and not confident with how to use starter, we suggest our popular sourdough intro classes: wheat or rye.  
We've been helping people learn to make their own sourdough bread at home since 2013. 

COLLECTION: Morphett Vale, Adelaide, South Australia *discount available if purchasing flour - contact us!*

POSTAGE: Australia-wide express shipping included.

INGREDIENTS: Australian wholemeal wheat flour, water 
The microbes [yeast & lactic acid bacteria] are naturally present and not an additional ingredient. The microbes are what makes the dough ferment, resulting in gas and flavour.

QUANTITY: 10-20 grams (approx.)
Helpful tip: most recipe books prescribe keeping large amounts of starter, resulting in excessive waste 'discard' of ingredients for the home baker. Our quantity (10-20 grams) is sufficient for home cooks to get established. It is simple to build up the quantity at home, if required.  
This will adjust to your recipe/preferred texture after a couple of refreshments. 

Please note: using an established starter (ours or any other) may assist your bread making, however it's no guarantee. Every kitchen, home, routine, temperature, flour, etc. is different and these differences changes the microbes. 
Making successful sourdough bread is about the entire process. 

Other names for starter include: levain, mother, starter, biga, leaven.