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Sourdough Bread Intro Class
Sourdough Bread Intro Class
Sourdough Bread Intro Class
Sourdough Bread Intro Class

Sourdough Bread Intro Class

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*Due to an upcoming change of location, we don't have new class dates scheduled (and don't have a timeframe either), sorry. If you'd like to be notified if we have any special pop-up classes, please contact us. Thank you!*

What makes our classes special for you?

  • Completely hands-on learning - it's not a demo, you'll be doing. 
  • Everything is provided - just bring an apron and a take-home bag.
  • You (per person!) will take home lots of bread - 1 baked loaf AND 2 dough loaves to bake.
  • Be guided by an award-winning baker - Matthew - with over 10 years teaching and even longer professional baking experience.

You'll mix, ferment and shape dough + bake some dough prepared in advance. Then you can also bake your class dough at home.
Yes, it's a lot of delicious bread and a lot of fun learning!

Learn to make delicious, handmade and wholesome Sourdough Bread!



This class is designed so you can replicate the process in your kitchen at home!

Class is completely hands-on, with constant expert tuition from Matthew, for you to experience each stage of the process. You will: mix, ferment, fold, divide, shape, slash/score, bake & taste.

Also included for each student:

  • a very detailed printed recipe + electronic PDF copy
  • a round banneton and dough scraper
  • a container of active sourdough starter for your use at home
  • one class baked loaves to enjoy*
  • plus your class shaped dough (2 loaves) to bake at home
  • instruction about establishing your own sourdough starter
  • tips and demonstration on how to achieve a professional baked result in your home oven

We make a natural sourdough bread - no added manufactured yeast, no artificial ingredients - simply wheat flours, water & salt + the sourdough starter (natural/wild yeast and bacteria).

*For this very popular and convenient half-day class format, baker Matthew mixes extra dough the day before, so students have dough ready to bake in the class.  Students experience each stage of the process - mixing, fermenting, shaping, scoring, baking - but we remove the lengthy final dough rising time.  
During the class we will bake bread in our domestic electric oven and our special larger European ROFCO oven (to fit everyone's bread!). 

This class is vegan friendly!

Please see our FAQs for general class information. 

All classes are subject to our terms of service and refund policy