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Grainy Sourdough Loaf 'multigrain style'
Grainy Sourdough Loaf 'multigrain style'

Grainy Sourdough Loaf 'multigrain style'

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"A wholesome multigrain loaf for your breakfast toast or a gourmet lunch sandwich." 

This grainy sourdough loaf combines our award-winning bakers sourdough dough with a blend of wholesome grains and seeds, including toasted barley. Each loaf is hand-shaped, rolled in our seed blend for a flavour-filled crust, fermented (wild yeast and bacteria) overnight and baked in a speciality gourmet loaf tin. 

We use quality Australian flours from Laucke Flour Mills and Flinders Premium Grains for our special blend including stone-ground wholemeal flour and creamy high protein wheat flours. We do not add commercial yeast or artificial preservatives.  



INGREDIENTS: wheaten flour (contains folic acid, thiamine), water, wholemeal wheat flour, stoneground wholemeal wheat flour, linseeds, oats, pepitas, barley, sunflower seeds, iodised sea salt

*grains and seeds subject to change due to seasonal availability. 

ALLERGEN INFORMATION: contains gluten, wheat, barley, oats (whilst due care is taken, our kitchen may have present: tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, soy)