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Euro T55 [white] high-protein bread flour (Laucke Flour Mills) [various sizes]

Euro T55 [white] high-protein bread flour (Laucke Flour Mills) [various sizes]

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Euro is a 'strong' high protein 'white' bread flour milled for long-fermented dough, sourdough or yeasted. It is very popular flour for both professional and home bakers. 
Is also a great choice to provide additional structure when using heavier ingredients (e.g. seeds, grains, fruits) in bread dough. It can also be used if more volume is desired when making breads with a blend of wholemeal wheat or alternative flours (e.g. rye). 

Eligible for 10% discount per bag when purchasing 2x 12.5kg bags of wallaby bakers bread and/or wholemeal bread flour and/or euro high protein bread flour (discount applied automatically at checkout, does not apply to organic flours). 

Please note: all flours are different - recipes may require adjustments to water and mixing to suit individual flour.   

Ingredients: wheaten flour
Bake qualities: approx. 12.3g protein/100g. Great tolerance for long mixing, good water absorption, low levels of starch damage. 

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