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Organic Ancient Golden Grain Sourdough Loaf
Organic Ancient Golden Grain Sourdough Loaf

Organic Ancient Golden Grain Sourdough Loaf

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"Delicious for an open sandwich, toasted for breakfast, or sliced thinly for a wholesome meal accompaniment."

Our organic ancient golden grain sourdough loaf is crafted from in-house fresh-milled Four Leaf Milling 'Egyptian Gold' organic grainsThe flavour of the loaves is a delicious blend of nutty and buttery and wheaty.  

"Egyptian Gold’ is derived from the ancient khorasan wheat thought to have been found in an Egyptian tomb." (more information here)

Each loaf is slowly fermented (wild yeast and bacteria) over a couple of days, hand-shaped and baked in our speciality gourmet bread tins.  

We use quality high protein local organic grains from Four Leaf Milling. We do not add commercial yeast or artificial preservatives.  

STORAGE: this loaf keeps well in the paper bag (or airtight bag) for a day or two at room temperature. It also freezes well for longer keeping in an airtight container or bag. Excellent when thawed and toasted. 


(wholefoods, plant-based, vegan)

INGREDIENTS: Egyptian Gold Grains, water, iodised sea salt

ALLERGEN INFORMATION: contains gluten, wheat (whilst due care is taken, our kitchen may have present: tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds)