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Where to look for a new baking book!

Looking for a new baking or cooking book? 
Try your local local library!

If you are like me and own a few more baking or recipe books than is really... really required (yes, that's part of my bookshelf pictured), the local library is a great place to access more without having to purchase them. It's free and legal!


Borrow it, have a look through, perhaps test a recipe or two, see if it helps - some new books are great, others don't offer a lot of new material - and if it is a great resource then look at purchasing your own copy. Or just re-borrow it when you need it. 

I'm in Adelaide, South Australia and the SA Public Library Network has a great range of sourdough, yeast and other baking cookbooks. And remember to widen your search to the entire SA network of libraries. 

Try these search terms: "sourdough" "yeast" "bakery"

Save your $$ and put toward a special gourmet ingredient or helpful new baking tool or a book you really like (...or a fun baking class!).