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*Special/Clearance Items*

*Special/Clearance Items*

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I accumulate various ingredients as I experiment, test, over-estimate usage, buy in bulk or change menu items. Help yourself to some great value! 

Some is unrequired and taking up shelf space, others are nearing best before dates but still good quality, some I want to clear before receiving new stock, other products are previous seasons. 

Most items at wholesale or at/near cost or bulk pricing.
Limited time only.
Subject to availability.
Prices subject to change. 
No holds unless ordered and paid for. 
Selecting payment via EFT (bank deposit) is appreciated [but not required :) ] to save me the credit card fees. 
Subsidised delivery *may* be available for larger orders - contact me before ordering to check if eligible. 

Standard delivery costs apply. 
Packaging will vary - most products are repackaged into generic bags. Some may be in opened original bags. Feel free to ask any questions and clarify any details.