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Pretzel lye (caustic soda) food-grade powder [various sizes]
Pretzel lye (caustic soda) food-grade powder [various sizes]

Pretzel lye (caustic soda) food-grade powder [various sizes]

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"Create the authentic German pretzel flavour and colour." (Matthew - founder & baker)

Lye (also known as (caustic soda/sodium hydroxide/NaOH) is used for speciality baked goods, including traditional German, Swabian and Bavarian pretzels (brezel, laugenbrezel, laugen, Brez’n). Our convenient small packages make it easier for home bakers to 'have a go' making pretzels with food-safe caustic soda. 

During baking the alkalinity of the caustic soda solution causes a strong milliard reaction for a distinct flavour and thin brown crust.  
The baking process at high temperatures chemically transforms the caustic soda solution on the dough surface to be safe to eat. 

For pretzel making, a 4% lye solution is common (e.g. 20 grams lye powder dissolved into 500 grams room-temperature/warm water - makes approx. 24+ medium pretzels*).
*Exact yield varies depending on size and dipping time.

A note about safety: caustic soda is a very strong alkaline and can cause severe burns. It's like handling other strong household chemicals (e.g. bleach). Be careful and wear gloves and preferably eye cover/glasses. Do not use when children are present. 

We use disposable plastic vinyl gloves and wear regular eye glasses. Long-sleeved dish-washing gloves are also a good option. 

Only use stainless steel vessels (whisk/spoon and bowl) when using lye solution. Dispose of leftover solution with care (e.g. carefully flush down toilet).  

Purchasers indemnify Baker's Treat against any injury or damage or loss caused by their use of caustic soda. This caustic soda is certified 99.45% pure and conforms to the FCC9 (Food Chemicals Codex). It is NOT to be consumed or ingested directly.

Our baked pretzel is not included (it's been eaten!). It's for illustration purposes only.