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Speciality Flours and Other Ingredients

Are you a home baker or cooking enthusiast struggling to find a speciality ingredient for your baking and bread-making?
Do you want to buy ingredients in bulk for better value?

We may be able to help you!

"I have been a home baking enthusiast from a young age. Often new and exciting ingredients would present themselves in books and blogs but they were frequently difficult to source or very expensive in small quantities. I hope to be the resource for you I wish I had back then." (Matthew - founder, baker & teacher)

We have access to many speciality and bulk ingredients through our suppliers. Please feel free to contact us with what product/s you are searching for, what approx. quantity, and the level of urgency. 
We will check our suppliers and provide you with availability, size options, pricing, and time frames. Buy in bulk for best value. 

In addition to our regular products, here is a sample of our suppliers and special order products. Minimum qualities may apply. Please feel free to contact us to find out more. 

FOUR LEAF MILLING (full range available - organic / bio dynamic)

  • organic wheat grains and stoneground flour
  • organic rye grains and stoneground flour
  • organic pearl barley grains and stoneground flour
  • organic 'Egyptian Gold' (Khorasan) grains and stoneground flour (commonly known by a trademarked name: 'Kamut')

*Some of these grains may be available fresh-milled in-house for small quantities (per kg).

LAUCKE FLOUR MILLS (full bulk 12.5kg range available)

  • pizza flour
  • bread mixes
  • kibbled wheat and rye


  • Dried fruits (sultanas, oil-free sultanas, currants, apricots, and more)
  • Sulphur-free dried fruits (no added sulphur)
  • Nuts and meals (almonds, walnuts, cashews, and more)
  • Seeds (pepitas, sunflower, linseed, chia, quinoa, and more)
  • Gluten free flours and seeds