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COVID update

As Australia transitions to “living with COVID” we, like everyone, are doing our best to be safe (from COVID) and continue “living” (in our case, offering fantastic Adelaide cooking classes, ingredients, breads and more for you).

Here are some guidelines and 'what to expect' for classes.
These are subject to change depending on current/future government rules.

Most importantly, we ask that you consider your own risk/well-being (now and future) before booking for a class. 

The classroom is an indoor space but has good ventilation (via open doors, window, HVAC).
However, the ventilation trade-off is if the weather is hot or cold this may mean the room is hotter or colder. We do have air-conditioning. 

Most classes have up to 8 people total in the same indoor space for the class duration.

We do require QR-code/manual check-in. If you have a mask exemption, no worries, please just let us know. We do not check vaccine status.
Mask requirements vary depending on current rules, however assume if you have to wear one everywhere else indoors, it’s probably the same here.
(These are subject to change depending on current SA government rules.)

The teacher (Matthew) won’t be wearing a mask (as rules permit) otherwise you wouldn’t hear/understand the lesson!   

Social distancing is encouraged but not always achievable to full recommendations.

We do tasting/eating at all our courses and obviously you don’t have to wear a mask then. We have plenty of outdoor and garden area which we utilise for eating and breaks, subject to weather.

Please review our cancellations policy as all registrations agree with this policy.  

Again, we ask that you consider your own risk/well-being (now and future) before booking for a class.  

Please contact us to clarify anything and we thank you for your interest and support!


Thank you for your understanding and support. Any questions please contact us. Please see our cancellations policy here