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durum wheat stoneground wholegrain flour (Pangkarra Foods)

durum wheat stoneground wholegrain flour (Pangkarra Foods)

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Grown in the Clare Valley, South Australia.
See our blog to find out more about durum and the local farmers growing it.  

Please note: all flours are different - recipes may require adjustments to water and mixing to suit individual flour.   

Ingredients: wholegrain durum wheaten flour (single origin)

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Durum flour has a lovely golden colour and results in a distinct yellow bread crumb. The flavour is wheat-y with a delicious ‘buttery’ taste.
The flour is stone-milled finely resulting in a mild and smooth wholegrain eating texture in pasta and breads.

The protein distribution is different compared with bread wheats; wholegrain durum flour results in a dense crumb, typical of wholegrain wheat doughs, and is pleasantly waxy and spongy.
Aim for a bread dough of moderate softness, avoiding very wet (or dry) textures, to achieve a balance of volume and softness in the resulting bread.
Durum is well suited to long and slow mixing by hand or machine. It ferments actively and retains gas well during fermentation and may be used for same-day-baked or cold (refrigerated) long fermented doughs.  

It is a full-flavoured base flour for doughs with inclusions (e.g. dried fruits, seeds, etc.). 

Bakers vary with preferred ratios of durum. A blend of 75:25 or 50:50 durum:white bread wheat flour (e.g. Laucke Euro flour) gives a lighter texture bread with the colour and flavours from the durum.

Remember, durum flour, like all flours, may vary from country to country. So, individual results may vary and some testing with your locally available durum flour may be required.  

Durum is well worth trying for home and professional bakers. Some might find it becomes their regular flour of choice!