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Introduction to Yeasted Breads Class
Introduction to Yeasted Breads Class

Introduction to Yeasted Breads Class

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*Due to an upcoming change of location, we don't have new class dates scheduled (and don't have a timeframe either), sorry. If you'd like to be notified if we have any special pop-up classes, please contact us. Thank you!*

Learn to make delicious and simple 'instant (bakers) yeast' breads. "From flour to frenchstick or focaccia" in 4 hours - this class is designed to make bread at home within a morning or afternoon.



You will learn tricks and techniques to develop flavour and convenience through optional overnight cold dough rising, using one basic versatile dough to make multiple different breads. 

This class is designed so you can replicate the process in your kitchen at home!

Class is completely hands-on, with constant expert tuition from Matthew, for you to experience each stage of the process. You will: mix, ferment, fold, divide, shape, slash/score, bake & taste.

Products to be made, baked and taken home include:

  •  fluffy herb focaccia flatbread
  •  regular and fancy frenchstick baguette rolls
  •  rustic large round cob loaf
  •  'square' sandwich bread loaf 

Also included for each student:

  • a very detailed printed recipe + electronic PDF copy
  • tips and demonstration on how to achieve a professional baked result in your home oven

This class is vegan friendly!

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